BTOB's concert tickets aren't selling much?

BTOB's concert tickets aren't selling much?

Pann: BTOB's legendarily empty concert

1. [+145, -46] I'm a non-fan but isn't it because the fans don't have any money left? They had another concert in less than a month ago and they also had a fanmeet. After a month, they're having another concert and a comeback... Do you think they'll have more money for that?

2. [+128, -28] What Melodies had to go through for 3 months: December - BTBT concert ($99), February - Dear Bride album ($45), a Japanese album ($40), March - encore concert ($99), Special Md ($38), 3rd official fanclub ($25), Remember That ($16.5)

3. [+115, -19] Yeah, I'm terribly sorry for that. My family isn't as rich as Mansour so the Cube thief robbed all of my money. They also robbed my piggy bank.

4. [+81, -77] I don't think the problem is money. They don't have fans.

5. [+66, -41] As if other singers don't have Japanese promotions, Korean promotions, concerts, fanmeets, photo books, drama photo books & DVDs, movies, concert DVDs, official goods, official fanclubs, and solo promotions ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're just making up excuses. To be very honest, they just don't have fans.

6. [+43, -8] I'm not a fan but I can't say anything about it. BTOB is popular and they have a lot of fans. Their recent concert was sold out. Seriously, Cube is really crazy for money...

7. [+40, -29] If it was EXO or Bigbang, the seats would've been still full because a lot of their fans fail to go to their concerts and famneets... BTOB is just not popular.

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