The Ark rumored to be disbanded

The Ark rumored to be disbanded

The Ark disappeared on Music K Ent's official website

Today, a new picture of a The Ark member Halla (on the left) was newly posted. Looking at the picture and the concept, she's very likely to join a new girl group 'White' debuting next year.

Rumors say two The Ark members Jane and Halla are staying in Music K and debuting in White, and the rest of the members left the company.

Also, Soompi released an article of disbandment rumors.

Fans have been demanding feedback, but the company hasn't done it yet.


Instiz: Girl group that has a disbandment rumor

- They're still a rookie group, aren't they?

- The company shouldn't promoted them... They had potentials to get popular.

- I found them talented when I watched a video of them busking on a street... Isn't Yuna Kim also in the group? All of them were talented
- I don't understand why they're disbanding The Ark. The group had potentials.

- I heard that Jung Yoojin's health declined. Could it be the reason?

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